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Start your financial education today by learning about the Debt to Income Ratio

Have you ever heard of the Debt to Income ratio? Probably not. It’s something that few experts talk about. And yet, there might be no other bit of data that is more important to your credit score, and therefore how much you’ll pay when borrowing money. In this show, debt expert Gilbert Landriault, President and CEO of DebtMasters explains what it is, why it’s so gosh-darned important and what you need to be very careful of. Seriously, you need to take 15 minutes and find out what you didn’t know you didn’t know.

Find out where you stand

It’s really no wonder that there are so many people in debt trouble today.  Think back on your schooling.  Did anyone tell you how credit works at any time in any grade?  If you did receive that kind of teaching, consider yourself VERY lucky.

Why on earth are we taught Calculus in school, but never how to understand loans and mortgages?  Why are we taught by TV commercials and other ads how to spend to our maximum and use credit cards for thinks we like but not really need?  How come we aren’t shown how to invest?

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