Frank Talk w Gilbert 17 – What to do if you don’t have a downpayment

Wow, housing is EXPENSIVE these days, isn’t it? For older folks (like me), that incredible surge in prices is a real boon. For others, just trying to enter the world of home ownership, it makes the barrier for entry really, really hard to meet.

Fortunately, there IS a way forward. It’s called Rent to Own.

It’s certainly not for everyone, and there are absolutely things you need to know before you sign as well.

Thank goodness Gilbert Landriault is here!

In this show, Gilbert explains the ins and outs of doing Rent to Own the right way and how it can be the tool that gets you into the real estate arena and into your house.

Grab a pen and paper and get ready for some excellent advice and planning from the Master.

Want more info? Contact us and drop us a line. We’d be delighted to discuss your situation and the best options for you to get where you want to go. The call and all the advice is, of course, free.

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