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DebtMasterS Inc.  is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company providing help to people who have come into difficult financial times. Our purpose is to provide consumers in financial trouble with educated choices to make -– we offer 100% confidential and unbiased credit education, debt management and credit-worthiness recovery services.

We specialize in educating consumers on the hidden secrets of the financial system, and also providing support programs to aid in your recovery from whatever financial circumstance that has become a plague. With our help you will better understand your credit situation and all options that may be available to you. More importantly, our programs help everyday people begin re-establishing their credit. DebtMasterS™ is one of the few independent advocates of its kind in Canada, working for you – not your creditors.

DebtMasterS™ was established in 2004 by Founder and president, Gilbert Landriault. Gilbert is the driving force behind this consumer advocacy service because he fully understands what it’s like to be trapped behind a mountain of debt. He knows how it feels to be drowning in a sea of hidden rules, policies, and traps all designed to confuse and take advantage of the unsuspecting consumer.

Gilbert understands because he was once in your position. His family was thrown into financial chaos through his wife’s extended illness over many years. He overcame his plight by believing that Knowledge is Power, and learning what was necessary to fight his way out of financial ruin without bankruptcy. He overcame all obstacles by negotiating with all his creditors, and was so successful that his mortgage company offered him an opportunity as debt reduction specialist for their clients. The beginning steps were motivated by personal need but since then Gilbert has continued to further formal education to obtain Canadian, American, and International accreditation as a licensed Debt Arbitrator. Like a modern day gladiator he has armed himself with knowledge and developed a passion for dealing with all those ill mannered credit collectors! Success has followed him.  Since 2004, Gilbert and the DebtMasters team have reduced the personal debt of their clients by a total of over $300,000,000.  And now, Gilbert and the team want to produce the same remarkable success of you as well.

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The DebtMasters Crew

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The DebtMasters team is a hand-picked and highly trained team.  Every last person councilor is trained and certified in debt management and counseling.  These people are the A-Team that supports our clients.  Their success rate is the best in the industry.

Our team is distributed and diverse.  The team is spread from coast to coast and come from many backgrounds.  Whatever your need or language, we’ve got the people you need to put you back in charge of your money.

Erik Landriault - COO DebtMasters

Daniella Landriault - certified credit councilor at debtmasters.ca

debtmasters.ca - Founder, President and CEO Gilbert Landriault

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– No Credit? – Bad Credit? – Bankruptcy? –
If finances have stressed you to your limits, you can Re-Establish your Life with Credit Repair.
We can save your house – help you get a vehicle – Secured Credit Cards – and Line of Credit

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