Become an Affiliate?  It’s easy!

It’s easy to become an affiliate of DebtMasters.  Not only that, you’ll be helping a LOT of people along the way too.  Why not help yourself by helping others?


Affiliate Details

  • When become an affiliate, each successful referral gets $300
  • Referral bonus $150 at 6 clients in the same month, retroactive to the first one
  • Example: Upon the successful signup of your 6th referral, you’ll earn 6 X $300 = $1,800 plus bonus 6 X $150 = $900 for a total commission for that month of $2,700
  • Each referral remains yours for future opportunities
  • Paid webinars, special offers and more will generate additional commissions


The DebtMasters Affiliate program is based on the success of our turning a referral into a client.  Since this means fewer commission generating leads, we compensate with MUCH higher commissions.  All commission earned will be based on the “Action” of signing up, rather than on the click of a button.

It’s all based on teamwork.  The more people we help, the more all of us benefit.  It’s a true win-win-win situation! affiliate program - help yourself by helping others

Want Even More Details?

Click here to download the full affiliate details:




So many people in this world are being crushed under their debt load.  Many of them don’t show it as they drive around in luxury cars and live in gorgeous homes.  The problem is, a huge number of people living like that simply can’t afford it and are desperate to find a way out before it’s all taken from them.  

That’s where you can help.  When you are a DebtMasters affiliate, you can confidently point them towards the help they need.  They get financial freedom, you get rewarded.  Just for referring them to us.

Because no two situations are the same, DebtMasters offers a total of 26 separate programs, from debt elimination to credit score repair to emergency car leasing to rent to own and more.  As an affiliate, whatever programs your referrals select, the commission is yours.  

It’s important to know that DebtMasters clients typically use 3-4 programs to get themselves in order.  Regardless of what they pick, or when they do, you, as the affiliate, benefit from them all.  Check out the Affiliate Program Details document on the left for all the programs we (and now YOU) offer.

Just add your name and email below to get started.  If you like, you can also pick the referral ID that will be associated with you too.  If you don’t have a preference, just leave the field blank and we’ll assign one for you.

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