Credit Recovery


Debt Masters Credit Recovery Services

Debt Masters provides programs to re-establish credit ratings and aftercare restore your financial abilities with educational consumer programs to manage the credit system. These not only help you maintain good standing but also enable your future financial freedom.

90 points in 90 Days Program

Positive cash flow and specific debts can add 90 points in 90 days to credit score. In up to 24 months clients can repair damaged credit to provide eligibility for better interest rates for mortgages etc.

Credit Builder Loan

This unsecured loan program over a terms of 2 or 4 or 4 years will consistently build your credit rating back to the highest acceptable level.

Advanced Prepaid VISA Card

A very special card offered by Debt Masters to provide the consumer with advanced financial-life benefits on an elite credit card alternate purchasing tool that can actually build your savings while building your credit rating... instead of growing your debt.

Credit Report Dispute

Credit report errors are challenged, and we do make those changes!

Credit Counseling

Overview of credit system procedures and personal finance management of assets and income to build and maintain healthy credit control.

Credit AfterCare Program

The greatest pitfall is understanding that if you continue to do what you have always done, you can not expect a clean financial start to last because you are going to dig yourself into another financial hole. This program is training that offers clients more than a new start, they will learn new strategies for financial management that will maintain their financial freedom and protect their financial future.

Credit Consultation

Overview of debt position and personal financial position of assets to decide, build, and implement a sound credit recovery strategy.

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