Debt Recovery

Debt Masters Debt Recovery Services

Debt Masters is prepared to resolve debt challenges on short notice and perform the tasks that are needed to save your home from loss, resolve your unmanageable debt and help return you to financial stability.


Debt Masters representation through bankruptcy can protect you from unnecessary losses. 1st bankruptcy - 9 to 21 months according to surplus of income. 2nd bankruptcy - 21 months but discharged after 24 months according to surplus of income.

Consumer Proposal

With Debt Masters representation through a trustee, Debt Masters negotiation may lower total debt to as low as 25%.

Debt Consolidation

Manage the equity of the house or cash on hand to pay down the debt in full to resolve credit challenges positively without damaging credit rating.

Debt Consultation

Overview of debt to asset and income circumstance, to determine options for resolution and recommendations to final solutions.

Debt Settlement

Manage limited equity of the house or cash in hand to negotiate debt reduction by 70% or more in order to pay down the debt in full permanently resolving the credit challenges.

Student Loan Settlement

Debt Masters student loan settlement program is purpose built specifically to help students overcome their loans.

Informal Proposal

Manage a Debt Masters implemented monthly installment plan of up to 5 years term based on client generated positive income. Debt Masters may negotiate debt down as low as 10%.

Business Proposal

Debt Masters representation through a trustee implemented Business Proposal can protect you and your business from unnecessary losses.

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