How Debt Works - How Debt Works

Debt is all around us. Virtually all businesses accept credit cards.  Credit card companies are happy to give us more and more credit.  Banks and other agencies are delighted to give you another loan too.  Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why these organizations are throwing their money at you?

The big secret isn’t really a secret.  BUT… we’ve been conditioned to not think about it.  This not so secret?  These businesses are all for profit.  That’s right, they SELL their money to you in order to make money from you.  The more debt you accept, the more money they make.  See? Not really a secret, but also not something you’ve ever spent time thinking about either.

Everyone you know carries debt.  Their mortgage, their cars, maybe a cottage too.  Then theirs vacations, expensive meals out and all the toys they and their families wish.  And all paid for with a credit card.  It seems like the only way to live now is by accepting all this debt and just living with it.  After all, we all do it, right?

Not right.

More and more people realize just how harmful all this debt is to their lives, families and futures.  Far too many of these are finding out the hard way what happens when they reach all they can manage, and then take one step more. Debt doesn’t have to rule your life.  You can DO something about it, starting now.

The purpose of this page is to explain how debt works.  Hopefully, from what’s written above, you are starting to see loans and credit cards as the worm on the hook of someone’s fishing rod.  Once you bite into it, they’ve got you hooked and paying until you’ve paid it all.  The problem is, you are surrounded by similar worms on other hooks.  To make it even worse, you are also surround by other fish, your friends, families and others, all with multiple hooks in their mouths, encouraging you to go bite another worm because this one will fix the problems of the last one.  

That’s a strange analogy, isn’t it?  The sad part is that it’s incredibly true.  When people get into debt problems, they turn to others with their own debt problems for advice.  There are FAR better ways to get accurate and powerful debt advice!



Debt Elimination

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