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Debt Masters Life Recovery Services

Debt Masters has developed a solid range of Consumer Support Services in conjunction with strategic professional alliances that are unparalleled by any other Credit Counseling Company.

Job Placement

Provides employment opportunities including both labour and management positions.

Adversity Automobile Leasing

Provides cars for clients under bankruptcy or proposal who may have suffered repossession of their vehicle.

Life Recovery Programs

Provides help for clients to recover the necessities of life in order to fast-track back to financial productivity and protect their financial future.

Saving House Titles

This program offers loss avoidance options to clients on the verge of losing titles to their house. A private investor will purchase and hold their house to save loss of title, and their public image, eliminating the need to move away until the credit status is resolved and title can be returned to them.

Rent to Own

a future building program providing a deal where 3% down can secure a 2-3 year rent-to-own house deal, providing 10-20% of rent payment to be applied toward down payment. Learn more about the Rent to Own program.

Adversity Mortgage Services

All types of mortgages, 2nd and private, implemented for clients in credit difficulty.

Mortgage Reduction

30 years amortization reduced to 12 years as long as client has positive cash flow minimum of $500 a month and up to $40,000 of debt. This program can cancel the need for a Proposal and could reduce debt without damaging credit report.

Legal and Paralegal Services

Implemented by strategic professional allied practices including; Small Claim Court Cases, Collection, Real Estate Law, Family Law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law.

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